Guide to stropping your straight razor

When you first receive your straight razor from me, you will not need to strop it on your first use, just wipe away the protective oil and shave. After your shave it is recommended that you strop your straight razor.

Remember to prepare your strop before picking up your razor. Pull the strop taught and vigorously rub the palm of your hand up and down the strop, this allows for the strop to warm up from the friction and soften by taking natural oils from your skin. Do this every time you strop.

When using a hanging strop, pull the strop so that it's taught, you do not need to hang off it. Using your dominant hand, lay the razor down so that both the edge and the spine are resting on your strop, do not press down on your razor.

Carefully draw the razor with the spine leading so that the edge trails, after your first stroke, flip the razor on its spine and come back down. That is one lap, do not use pressure. Repeat this process and remember that speed is not necessary, it will not make your edge any better if you go faster so take your time and enjoy the experience.

You may use the canvas, linen cotton or poly webbing side of your strop if it has one before taking it to the leather side, if it doesn't have one it's not a problem as it is not necessary.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

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